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What is website speed testing tool?

Scanning the speed of your website with the help of free SEO tool. Website speed is another important factor to improve the performance of our website. This tool will let you know whether the speed of your site is low or high. This tool will tell you the speed of every page. So, it will help you in getting know about which page need improvement

How does website speed checker tool work?

Slow and delay in loading time of website make user left before visiting the sites. So to improve the performance of this site we require this tool. To use this tool just enter the URL that you want to use and then press start to get the result. It will give the whole report which page is taking too much time to load.

Benefits of website speed tester

This tool is helpful when you want to know the speed of the whole site as well as the speed of pages. By using this tool on regular basis you will come to know that your website is working properly or not.